We offer Service and Consulting for Clinical Development

We GUIDE you from bench to bedside – Our mission is to be a flexible and smart provider of support, service and consulting for the development of therapeutics especially for small biotech, start-up projects and investigator sponsored trials.


We will support you through all aspects of early development to large clinical trials. Along this way we can be your GUIDE, but we can also be your SHERPA carrying part of your load - Anyhow, we will be good company.


We support you to select the right partners, investigators and CROs according to GCP.


We help you to bring your drug in suitable animal models and translate your research results into doable study protocols giving you meaningful results in the end.


We develop, improve or challenge your quality management system to meet your organization's needs and authorities' expectations, helping you to survive inspections and due diligences.


Irrespective if you are an academic investigator or a financial investor  - we evaluate your needs and offer you solutions and guidance along your path –always focused on your specific exit - no matter if this is the publication in a prestigious journal, the partnering with a big pharma company or the market authorization of your drug.


Meet GUIDED Development

6. - 8. Nov BERLIN

23. BIO-Europe

                  23. - 24. Nov Munich

                  25. BVMA Symposium

GUIDED Development

Alte Eppelheimer Str. 23

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